From Chili to Mulligatawny: The Evolution of a Soup

Mulligatawny  It started with a simple turkey chili that satisfies with a simple saute of garlic, onions, celery, and carrots. One part mirepoix, the foundation of aroma and depth of flavor, and another part, “lets see what I have in the fridge. Of course beans (canned for convience), then ground turkey with several forms of chili, dried powdered, flaked, and fresh. I went light on the tomato, with just part of a can of organic roasted heirloom tomatoes. For richness, I added coconut milk:)

This was topped with cilantro, and of course seasoned with sea salt. For the vegetarian, turkey would not be necessary and cold pressed oils could be added for richness. Bison (or other grass fed, clean animals) in this dish, is also a favorite.

Now for me, this pot satisfied me for at lest three days by just heating and adding different garnishes like scallion, fresh cilantro and different sides. Gluten free bread with olive oil and garlic toasted in a pan and a side of cooked collards, was all I needed for my happiness. I need to add at this point, this pot of chili was huge. Now I am by myself, so something had to give by day four.

I am don’t quite remember how, but I stumbled upon Easy Mulligatawny Soup at The Pioneer Women’s blog and found my answer. Curry! That would change my world and re-invention would hold the key to the evolution and continued satisfaction from my large, unending pot of soup. I guess I could have frozen it for later, but the idea of organic sweet butter, fresh ground black pepper and coriander combined with curry was pure inspiration. And boy was it good!

It is Friday and I am still enjoying this stew. Today I added a few shreds of organic cheese to the top of this hot mix and discovered it anew:) For my vegetarian and macrobiotic friends, you know what to do to adapt this gem, enjoy.




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