“Food is essential to life, our link to the natural world and the substance with which we build our being. The relationship with food is profound in its intimacy and power. Food is the edible form of the elements of nature, sun light, wind, water and soil, taken into oneself completely. Food then, becomes blood, building tissue, organs, bone, skin and hair, by digestion and assimilation. Without food we cease to exist and with food we can create health or disease.” –Karen Jones, RN, Founder of Mother Earth Soup

MotherEarthSoup.com is a sole proprietor LLC founded 2008 by Karen L. Jones, RN to serve the public offering information and practical tools about the power of food.

Online cooking classes, videos, resources, and supportive recipe cooking club subscription are offered to help people find the power of food to heal and transform their lives for the better.

All foods promoted at motherearthsoup.com are known to be the healthiest and are whole, natural, organic and sustainable. The emphasis is on vegetables (sea, fresh water and land), grains, beans, fruits and seeds and desserts naturally sweetened without refined sugar. Animal products fish, sea/fresh water foods, poultry, wild game, eggs are limited to condiment status here.

For more information on our approach to food, cooking and health go to the FAQ page.

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